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Digital Registry Services.

A blockchain-based, globally standardised registry service for unlisted securities and investments

The Vision

PrimaryLedger will become a global, standardized Exchange Platform for  Unlisted Securities & Investments by using blockchain technology to revolutionize the securities and unlisted asset registry markets.

  • Returns registry control to issuers
  • A global marketplace for investors and securityholders  
  • Enable instantaneous peer-to-peer trading of unlisted assets  
  • Increased liquidity for shareholders
  • Decrease transaction costs
  • Automation which will remove huge amounts of paperwork and manual labor

What is the Problem Solved?

Share Registry

Major players are restricted by incumbent legacy technologies, processes and service delivery which fail to meet market needs.

Clearing and Settlement

Reduction then removal of this costly process which has t+2 delays for listed securities and 2-6 weeks for unlisted securities.

Automation & Transparency

Automating costly manual processes using smart contracts. Improved transparency & exposure of unlisted assets.


Providing a marketplace that improves tradeability of unlisted assets.

Our Solution

  • Building an immutable database “Digital Registry Services (DRS)” – Putting the Share Registry onto an immutable ledger
  • Representing securities as a digital token (Tokenization) “Digital Financial Instruments” – Representing assets as a digital token which allows the instantaneous transfer of ownership
  • PrimaryMarkets’ Online Unlisted securities exchange “Unlisteds.Exchange” – The marketplace for trading unlisted securities

Why We Will Be Successful 

First-mover: Major registry players are too big and slow to innovate 

Unlocking Market Potential: Unlisted asset trading is an underdeveloped industry

Proven Business and Interest: PrimaryMarkets’ business builds significant demand for dealing in unlisted securities and investments

Technical Advantage: PrimaryMarkets has a deep knowledge in blockchain.

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